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   Code This Lab srl

Pubblicato da Biagio Iannuzzi il 2012-05-08 16:06:49
Categoria: team
Tags: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Flash, games, sviluppo, giochi

Code this lab is a young company whose purpose is to entertainment you! But what is the best way to amuse and entertain people? The game, of course, and in this case the videogame! Hands up anyone who don’t would not want to become again a child! The best way to do this? PLAY!

And who would not want to work playing? In short, who would not want to do the job he always wanted to do? This is the winning weapon of Code This Lab: a successful business should be leaded only by people with an enormous passion for what they do and the passion is the main engine that drives the two founders!

Code this lab, based in Naples, Italy, is a young company founded in 2009 by Biagio Iannuzzi and Mauro Banchieri, two developers with videogames passion and the goal of entertain you with their games!

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Via Don Sturzo, 104/M, Volla (Napoli), Italia

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