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  C++11: Getting started on Windows
Pubblicato da Dario Oliveri il 2013-04-23 22:27:16

Here's a short tutorial about how to setup an IDE on windows with a C++11's capable compiler:


-First of all download Code::blocks
C::B binaries


-Install code::blocks.



Then download your favourite compiler.

In particular I recommend 1 of these:


1) MinGW-builds: GCC 4.7.3 (suitable for production code)


2) MinGW-builds: GCC 4.8.1 (many extra C++11 features available here)


Note that generated binaries may no longer be compatible with older versions (so if you were relying on third-party libraries you have to recompile them. Not possible for closed source projects, unless they provide explicitly a 4.7.X or a 4.8.x compatible binary)



-Open Code::blocks, create an empty project and do the following

to enable C++11 support:


You can't still go on.


Let's setup the tool chain:



-Unpack 1 of the 2 packages (assuming you unpacked the second package to C:\GCC\) and go to settings->compiler->tool chain executables and select the correct files and the correct path



Now you are ready to go.


If you want to be sure that GCC is correctly setted up (you should have a C:\GCC\mingw\bin folder on your PC at this point). I reccomend trying to build this simple project designed to test few of the toolchain elements:


 Download test project


And if you are new to Code::blocks, here's how to run the the project:

- Double click on project file (snippets.cbp)

- Build And Run(all) -> main -> OK



P.S. Paint rulez :)

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